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Now Available! The new TS 55 REQ track saw by Festool.

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What is a plunge cut track saw and guide rail system? Some people would describe it as a circular saw riding on an aluminum rail. This would be a gross understatement, and would overlook the major advantages that a plunge cut track saw system offers. Designed properly, a high-quality plunge cut track saw and guide rail system are precise pieces of equipment, as well thought out as most stationary equipment. The combination of a precision track saw, and a guide rail will create a system that generates precision cuts anywhere on a panel quickly and safely…cuts that should never be attempted with a traditional circular saw.

The smooth pivoting action, and minimal blade exposure during the cut is ideal for starting a cut in the middle of a panel. This design allows the blade to pivot into the material smoothly and accurately. Precision cuts starting from any point are easily accomplished. The track saw can be used for many common tasks: Ripping sheet goods, creating straight edges on rough stock, jointing boards, cutting to scribe lines on doors and cabinets, cross-cutting, and creating openings in panels, sections of flooring, and cabinets.

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